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Confit duck gizzard 1/2

“Confit” Duck gizzards prepared and cooked in Aquitaine

Ducks and geese were idolised by the Pharoahs, they also featured on Greek and Roman banquet tables. They were domesticated by man from very early on and fattened up. The “confit” method used to be a way of preserving meat, taking into account the techniques available at that time.

“Our “confit” duck gizzards are very tender. First, they are macerated in salt for 24 hours, then pre-cooked in open bowls of salty water and lastly cooked in duck fat for an hour. Confit duck gizzards can be eaten warm or cold, come summer or winter, in a gourmet salad or with pan-fried Mediterranean vegetables.”

La Maison du confit, in Tonneins

Serving suggestion: Confit duck gizzards are delicious in salads. Heat the gizzards in a warm pan to melt the fat away (10 minutes). Drain away the fat, cut them into thin slices, add slices of duck breast and place on a bed of salad. Add dressing at time of serving.