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Reflets de France Salt Cellar

“Between 854 and 859, several salt marshes on the Guérande Peninsula were donated to the monks of Saint-Sauveur-De-Redon. Today, the salt marshes are harvested by salt workers known as paludiers. Their way of working has barely changed since the time of the monks. Sea water passes into the salt marshes during high tides. It moves slowly forward and settles. The salt in the water gradually becomes more concentrated as the water reaches the final ponds, known as œillets, or “eyelets”. In the œillets, the effect of the sun and the wind cause further concentration of the salt, until it reaches saturation point and then crystallises. Every day, the salt workers harvest the coarse salt at the bottom of the œillets with a tool known as a las – a kind of wooden rake. The salt is then dried and ground to produce fine salt.”

Les Salines de Guérande Cooperative