Product origin




Savoie Raclette

Made with unpasteurised milk
Matured for at least 5 months

“Raclette was invented by herdsmen, who mainly ate it outside in the summer, when they brought the cattle out to graze. At that time, it used to be called “roasted cheese,” as half a wheel of cheese was melted in front of a wood fire. It is made with unpasteurised milk from Savoie, which gives it its delicate, aromatic taste. The cheese producer’s know-how ensures that this Reflets de France Raclette has a creamy, velvety texture.”

Luc Chabert, 3rd generation cheese producer at Fruitières Chabert, Master Cheese Producers since 1936.

Raclette comes from the Valais canton in Switzerland. Swiss and Savoyard peasants have used local cheeses for a long time to get a nicely melted, rich and tasty cheese. The cheese was baked in the fire-place, then the half-wheel was tilted to one side to scrape off the melted cheese. The original recipe used to only include baked potatoes, gherkins and onions. Cold meats were only added and a specific cheese was only used in the past decade.