Product origin

Next to Chablis

White Wine – Saint Bris Clothilde Davenne 75cl

  • Characteristic varieties: It is the only Burgundy wine from the Sauvignon variety. 100% Sauvignon.
  • The terroir: Located just next to Chablis, this area has the same soil and climate. The wine expresses all the typical characteristics of the terroir.
  • The estate: Pneumatic pressing, precise control of fermentation temperatures to maintain all the aromatic richness of the fruit, vinification and maturing in stainless-steel vats.
  • The people: The winemaker is a woman. Clotilde Davenne trained as a wine expert and worked for other estates for 20 years before creating her own wine business seven years ago. Her speciality is wines from northern Burgundy. They express the essence of the grape and the flavours of the Yonne terroir.
  • The wine: Saint Bris is a fruity wine with mineral characteristics, just like a Chablis. The wine is elegant, bright, fresh and lemony. Nice mouthfeel with notes of Sauvignon. Perfect as an aperitif, it is excellent paired with fish, seafood and white meats.
  • Food pairing: Starters, seafood, poultry and goat cheeses. Suggested serving temperature: 12°C Can be drunk or kept one to two years.