Roussillon Rousquille soft biscuits

“Reflets de France Rousquille biscuits are the result of more than three generations of Catalan baking expertise in Perpignan. The Rousquille is a soft biscuit covered with a light lemon-scented glaze. Rousquilles were originally produced and sold in Vallespir and the Roussillon plain by travelling salesmen who displayed them suspended along a small wooden rod.”

Xavier Danjou, Confiserie du Tech, Cabestany.

Breton Palet biscuits

“Our biscuit factory, founded in 1920 in Pont-Aven, specializes in Galette and Palet butter biscuits from Brittany. Our palets, produced from the original recipe, are known far and wide for their crunchy texture and wonderful buttery taste. Made from carefully selected ingredients–including fresh butter–that are sourced from Brittany or elsewhere in France, our palets are oven-baked and then immediately packaged to preserve all their freshness.”

Biscuiterie Traou Mad, Pont-Aven