Saint Marcellin du Dauphiné IGP

“Saint-Marcellin is a tender cheese that can be recognised by its white rind which is sometimes slightly creased. Raw milk is used to make it from farms located near the cheese-making facilities that are careful about how they feed their animals. This, together with the special way in which it is matured, gives it a hearty taste with fruity notes”.
Pierre Bordelier, independent cheesemaker in Roman sur Isère.

Soumaintrain made and matured in Burgundy

“This cheese has been produced since the 18th century and used to be sold wrapped in a beetroot leaf at the Soumaintrain market, a village in Burgundy whose name the cheese still bears. It served as a type of currency, used to pay farm rents. Soumaintrain cheese has a slightly soft, ivory-coloured rind, which sometimes turns orange. During the maturing process, the paste becomes softer and develops its characteristic flavour”.
Mr. Gaugry, Burgundy Cheesemaker.

Quercy Rocamadour cheese

“Made from raw milk – in compliance with the requirements of the protected designation of origin certification – this Rocamadour is refined using traditional methods. The cheese itself is a tender and velvety goats cheese with a creamy and buttery fragrance”.
Mr. Verdier, Loubressac Cheesemaker.