Roussillon Pear Nectar

“With its generous supply of Mediterranean sunshine and its fertile soils, the Roussillon Plain is ideal for growing fruit. William Pears have been grown there for centuries and are enjoyed for their sweet and sugary white flesh. We only press these fruits when they are completely ripe so that our nectar tastes as rich as possible”.
Guy Escaro, grower of Williams pears in Latour Bas Elne.

Cherry plum jam from the Lorraine region

“These delicious highly-fragranced little golden plums are to the inhabitants of the Lorraine region what apples are to people in Normandy. Once they are ripe, the fruit is cooked using traditional methods with just the right amount of sugar so that they release all of their fragrance.
Delphine and Philippe Beyer, jam producers in Alsace.

Alsatian Quetsche plum jam

“The Quetsche plum bush is perfectly suited to this climate and has been growing abundantly in the Alsace region since ancient times. The fruit is also sometimes known as “Violet Empress”. Its yellowy green flesh is tender, juicy and slightly acidic in taste. Cooked with just the right amount of sugar, our quetsche plums release their full fragrance”.
Delphine and Philippe Beyer, jam producers in Alsace.