Cahors Coq au vin

“Cahors Coq au vin is one of those dishes that has come to symbolise France’s gastronomic tradition. The meat cooks slowly, marinating in a prestigious tannic and full-bodied Cahors wine. Cahors Coq au vin is a tasty traditional dish for people who care about passing on all the flavours associated with our region. You can serve it with tagliatelle or purée”.
The Maison du confit, in Tonneins.

Southwestern duck confit and Sarladaise potatoes

“Confisage is a centuries-old method of preserving meat by salting it and then cooking and preserving it in its own fat, in earthenware pots kept away from the light. This makes the meat exceptionally tender and gives it an irresistible taste. Reflets de France duck confit is a special gourmet experience, served with potatoes which are also cooked in duck fat and garnished with parsley and bacon.”
Languedoc Cannery, Castelnaudary.

Toulouse sausages with IGP green lentils from the Berry

“Lentils were first cultivated in Asia around 7000 years ago. Now found all over the world, lentils from France’s Berry region were granted “protected geographical indication” status in 1998 in recognition of their superior quality. Reflets de France has decided to combine them with another very well-known speciality – Toulouse sausages, made from pure pork (as one would expect) and very well grilled”.
Languedoc Cannery, Castelnaudary.