Géromé Munster

“The word Munster comes from monasterium”. It was coined in the seventh century by Benedictine monks who used this cheese to pay the rent on their pastures. The transaction took place in the town of Gérardmer, or “Géromé” in the local Lorraine dialect. The hearty and characteristic fragrance of our Géromé Munster, together with its orange-flavoured thin rind and ivory-coloured soft flesh make it instantly recognisable. This is a must-have for any cheese platter and can be appreciated on its own or with a dash of cumin. You can also try it with your quiches and soufflé crêpes”.
The Blâmont Cheesemakers, Lapoutroie Cheese-maturing cellars of the Haut-Rhin region.

Alsatian Quetsche plum jam

“The Quetsche plum bush is perfectly suited to this climate and has been growing abundantly in the Alsace region since ancient times. The fruit is also sometimes known as “Violet Empress”. Its yellowy green flesh is tender, juicy and slightly acidic in taste. Cooked with just the right amount of sugar, our quetsche plums release their full fragrance”.
Delphine and Philippe Beyer, jam producers in Alsace.