Southwestern duck confit and Sarladaise potatoes

“Confisage is a centuries-old method of preserving meat by salting it and then cooking and preserving it in its own fat, in earthenware pots kept away from the light. This makes the meat exceptionally tender and gives it an irresistible taste. Reflets de France duck confit is a special gourmet experience, served with potatoes which are also cooked in duck fat and garnished with parsley and bacon.”
Languedoc Cannery, Castelnaudary.

South-western smoked duck breast

“The breast is the most noble part of the meat from a duck. Our smoked duck breast comes from foie gras ducks reared in south-western France. It is beechwood smoked to give it as much flavour as possible. You will enjoy the refined and tender taste of thin slices of it in a salad or to accompany your aperitif”.
Gueradis, producer of smoked and dried duck breast, St Geours de Maremne.

Bayonne IGP Ham

The unique climate of the Adour basin where the moist air of the Atlantic meets the “Foehn” – the warm and dry southern wind – is what is needed to produce this ham. Over 12 long months during which it is salted and refined using secret processes, it acquires its unique fragrance, flavour, softness and tenderness. Then finally, it is authorised to bear the “Lauburu” – a basque cross awarded as an indication of its quality, and it can call itself “Bayonne Ham”.