Auvergne fruit pastes

“We make our fruit pastes using a very old Auvergne confectioners’ recipe which calls for more than 50% fruit. We select the fruit (apricots, apples, oranges and pears) from regions in France and then we cook it at low temperatures. We attach great deal of importance to achieving a subtle balance of flavours and sugars so as to create a product with an outstanding taste”.
Cruzilles master confectioner since 1880, Clermont-Ferrand.

Vichy Sweets

“Since the 19th Century, the superb Vichy spa resorts, located in the beautiful Allier region, have been providing spa treatments, which help improve people’s digestion and give them a healthy, radiant complexion. These refreshing sweets will give you just a little of the Vichy water’s beneficial properties.”

Moinet Vichy Santé, confectioner in Vichy

Small Auvergne Saint-Nectaire A.O.C

“The Saint-Nectaire owes its name to Marshal Sennectere, who introduced it to the Sun King’s court (Louis XIV). Our Saint-Nectaire is a unique, delicate, hazelnut-flavoured, soft cheese. It is the result of the rich flora, which grows in the pastures on the Mont Dores volcanoes and our Master Cheese Maturers’ know-how.”

JL Dischamp, Cheese Maturer