Cantal Entre-Deux

“Cantal, a cheese that dates back two millennia, draws its strength from the region’s volcanic soil and its mildness from the high pastures. Reflets de France Raw-Milk Cantal cheese is the product of our expert cheesemaking know-how accumulated over 3 generations.”

J.L. Dishamp, master cheesemaker.


“Saint-Nectaire cheese owes its name to Marshal Sennectere, who introduced it to the court of the Sun King (Louis XIV). Our Saint-Nectaire is characterised by its smooth, melt-in-the-mouth paste and delicate hazelnut flavour, the result of the richness of the plant life which grows in the pastures on the sides of the Monts-Dore volcanoes and of the expertise of our master cheese maturers.”

JL Deschamp, Cheese Maturer