Wheat crêpes made in Brittany

These cereal crêpes and galettes have their origins in ancient times. They formed the basis of people’s daily meals in Europe right up until people started making bread. Although Brittany was not particularly famous for its crêpes until the 19th century, many authors and travellers allude to them. What they were referring to were buckwheat galettes and crêpes that were eaten as a main course. It wasn’t until the end of the 1800s that wheat crêpes intended to be eaten for dessert appeared. Then as people stopped eating galettes as their main course in other regions in France, they started to become more popular and are today seen as emblematic of traditional Brittany cuisine.

This recipe is in keeping with tradition and uses the finest ingredients: wheat flour, full-fat fresh milk, fresh eggs and cane sugar – all free of preservatives and additives.

Pure Brittany apple juice

“Made in the very heart of Brittany, our pure apple juice symbolises all the richness of our region and the various apple varieties it boasts. Made from 100% pure juice, it is made from dessert apples and cider apples that have been specially selected to create the perfect balance between mildness, acidity and freshness. It can be enjoyed at a time of day and will go perfectly with Brittany galettes.
Jean Pierre Cellier, Brittany apple producer.

White tuna in brine made in Brittany

“Whole Reflets de France white tuna is made using white tuna, also known as albacore tuna. This species with its white and tender flesh is fished in the north-east Atlantic at the height of the season between July and October and landed fresh at the port. This tinned product is produced in Douarnenez, where the expertise involved in producing tinned goods is passed down from generation to generation”.

Chancerelle, fish cannery in Douarnenez.