Roussillon apricot nectar

“Peaches have been grown for many years now on the Roussillon plain which enjoys very generous sunshine levels. For more than 90 years, we have been selecting the sweetest apricots with only the firmest of flesh for you from among the very best varieties. We only harvest our fruit once it is ripe – meaning that the nectar is as tasty as possible. It will go perfectly with your breakfasts, aperitifs and desserts”.

Laurent de Battisti, apricot producer in Salses le Château.

Roussillon peach nectar

“Protected from frost, the Roussillon plain is greatly appreciated by fruit producers. With its fertile soils and generous sunshine, it is particularly well-suited to peach-growing.
Our Roussillon peaches have become synonymous with southern France and are harvested when they are ripe, meaning that the nectar they produce is extremely tasty. You can enjoy a moment of indulgence with it at any time of the day”.
Pascal Maillols, peach producer in Corbère.

Roussillon Pear Nectar

“With its generous supply of Mediterranean sunshine and its fertile soils, the Roussillon Plain is ideal for growing fruit. William Pears have been grown there for centuries and are enjoyed for their sweet and sugary white flesh. We only press these fruits when they are completely ripe so that our nectar tastes as rich as possible”.
Guy Escaro, grower of Williams pears in Latour Bas Elne.