Bêtises de Cambrai

“A clumsy apprentice confectioner from Cambrai is credited with having accidentally invented these mint humbugs when he allowed some sugar burn at the bottom of a cooking pot! If all the world’s mistakes could taste so deliciously sugary and minty, clumsy people would be blessed!”
Despinoy, Cambrai-based confectioner.

Northern biere de garde lager

“France’s Nord Pas de Calais region has traditionally been a major home for beer, noted for its special top-fermented beers. The Brasserie Duyck is one of France’s last remaining independent, family-owned breweries, with 5 generations of brewers. Its bière de garde has won a reputation throughout France, thanks to a recipe created by Félix Duyck in 1922. This beer is brewed with barley malt, a little wheat and top-quality hops. It’s fermented at a high temperature for 5 days to give it a richer taste and aroma. It’s then kept (“gardée”) for 4 weeks to yield a rich taste and a light, refreshing beer.”

Raymond and Mathieu Duyck, owners, Brasserie Duyck, Jenlain en Avesnois