Saint Marcellin du Dauphiné IGP

“Saint-Marcellin is a tender cheese that can be recognised by its white rind which is sometimes slightly creased. Raw milk is used to make it from farms located near the cheese-making facilities that are careful about how they feed their animals. This, together with the special way in which it is matured, gives it a hearty taste with fruity notes”.
Pierre Bordelier, independent cheesemaker in Roman sur Isère.

Drôme-style strawberry jam tarts

“Our production site is in Romans sur Isère, the same town in which jam tarts were first created in the Middle Ages by Piedmont woodcutters, originally known as “Milanais”. Two holes are then cut into every other shortbread biscuit in order to create a “glasses” effect. Once they have cooled down, we fill the space between the two shortbread biscuits with a generous helping of sugar and Drôme strawberries. The shortbread biscuits are made with butter, sugar and fresh eggs”.
Douceurs de Jacquemart, jam tart specialists in Romans sur Isère.

Dauphiné mini ravioli

Ravioles, or mini ravioli, are a speciality of the Dauphiné region and have a unique flavour. Here in Romans, we have been applying all of our know-how to produce this speciality for more than 50 years. Dauphiné ravioli are made from a delicate, plain wheat flour pasta, which encases a tasty filling of fromage frais, Comté, Emmental and parsley. Dauphiné mini ravioli carry the Red Label and a Protected Geographical Indication. These official certifications are a mark of the product’s quality.”

Saint Jean, ravioli manufacturer in Romans, Drôme.