White Wine – Touraine Sauvignon Château de la Roche 75cl

  • Characteristic varieties: 100% Sauvignon Blanc
  • The terroir: The Château de la Roche estate’s area is 30 hectares in total, including 20 hectares of Sauvignon. These are sandy-clay silt soils that allow for natural drainage and an easy warming of the earth. The soils are balanced and are very well suited to ensuring the value and quality of the wine.
  • The estate: Dominating the south bank of the Loire near Amboise, the Château de la Roche was built between the 10th and 15th centuries, then renovated during the Renaissance. Originally a guard post on a ford of the Loire, over the centuries it became an appreciated residence and home to the Duke of Choiseul and the Daudet and Cézanne families. The grapes are cultivated according to the principles of integrated farming.
  • The people: The vineyard belongs to Ms. Chainier. The marriage between the vines and the stone, elegant names and great appellations was the choice of the Chainier family. It cultivates 30 hectares at Château de la Roche, where the cellar and habitation makes it possible to remain in the heart of the appellations, as well as in the middle of Art and History.
  • The wine: It has a beautiful pale yellow colour. The nose is fruity (citron, grapefruit) with some spicy and floral notes (broom). Aromatic, round and well-balanced on the palate.
  • Food pairing: It is ideal with aperitifs, fish (in a terrine, grilled, in a sauce), seafood, cured pork and goat’s cheese. Serve at 12°C. Enjoy in its youth (within two years of its harvest).

Red Wine – Touraine Mesland AOP Domaine de Lusqueneau 75cl

  • Characteristic varieties: At 60%, Lusqueneau estate’s reds represent the largest part of its production. They are the result of a combination of three varieties: Gamay Noir with white juice, Cabernet Franc and Côt, which, with their different properties, yield red wines that are either light and fruity in their youth, or strong and tannic and well-suited to ageing.
  • The terroir: The appellation zone (350 hectares of vineyards over six municipalities) extends over the right bank of the Loire. Because of its location, this area benefits from an ocean climate. The annual production is around 8,000 hl red and rosés and 2,000 hl whites. The property’s vines cover slopes rich in clay and flint which are called “perruches” in Touraine. With the nature of its soils, the vineyard benefits from natural drainage as well as an excellent south/southwestern exposure under a temperate sky.
  • The estate: Between Blois and Amboise, on the rolling hillsides of Mesland, facing the Château de Chaumont sur Loire – now famous for the international garden festival – we find the Domaine de Lusqueneau, one of the largest operations of the Touraine Mesland appellation with 32 hectares.
  • The people: Since 1998, two associates, Thierry Catroux and Noël Bougrier, have been providing innovative expertise, technical resources and communications to the estate.
  • The wine: With a very bright ruby-red robe, the Touraine Mesland Rouge du Domaine de Lusqueneau offers subtle aromas of raspberry and blackberry. This wine is both rich and fruity.
  • Food pairing : Pleasant with any part of a meal, Touraine Mesland Rouge from Domaine de Lusqueneau pairs perfectly with white and pink meats as well as the traditional “rillons” and goat’s cheeses of Touraine. Serving temperature between 14 and 16°C. Excellent aptitude for conserving; the structured reds gain body after three to five years.