Duck confit with sarladaise potatoes

Instructions :

Preparation of the potatoes : 
Peal the two garlic gloves, remove the root end with a knife and chop the garlic thinly. Wash the parsley stalks and chop them thinly. Mix the two together in a little container.
Peal the potatoes and wash them. Cut them in slices of about 2 cm and dry them with a cloth. (PHOTO)
Open the duck confit tin. Remove the two legs and scrape off all the duck fat into a bowl with a spatula so that there is no fat left on the legs.
Melt half of the duck fat into a pan. Once it is sizzling, Spread the potatoes slices into the pan, stir often.
Add salt and pepper when the potatoes are becoming golden brown. Add the remaining of the Duck Fat into the pan, cover and cook for another 10 mins.
Turn the potatoes carefully with a spatula.
Add the garlic and parsley mix in the pan in between the potatoes. Add Salt and Pepper to your taste.
Cover the pan and cook for another 5 mins under low to medium heat.

Preparation of the duck legs :
Dry the legs with paper to make sure there isn’t any excess fat left on the skin.
Put the legs into a frying pan and leave to cook under medium heat, turning occasionally until the skin is golden brown and crispy. (PHOTO)