Duck foie gras and oignon confit

Instructions for the Foie Gras :

How to best enjoy it:
Place the Foie Gras jar in the refrigerator 24h prior to serving it.
Take it out 15 minutes before your lunch / diner.
Pour hot water into a bowl.
Immerse ¾ of the the jar during 3 minutes to melt the duck fat.
This will make it easier to remove the Foie Gras from the jar.
Remove the jar from water, open it and turn it over on a cutting
board to release the Foie Gras.
Take a non-serrated knife and run the blade under very hot water.
Cut the Foie Gras along the width to obtain about 7 or 8 nice round slices of about 50g and 1,5 cm wide. Run the knife under hot water between each slice.
Toast pieces of bread and lay a slice of Foie Gras on each one (do not spread the Foie Gras on the bread; it is best enjoyed when biting directly in the slice).
You can replace the toasted bread with slices of gingerbread to enjoy a sweet and savory combination.
In France it is custom to sprinkle some Reflets de France « fleur de sel » on each slice and to enjoy each bite of Foie Gras with some oignon confit* (see recipe below).
To add some color to your plate, you can add some thym or some pink peppercorns as decoration.

Wine pairing for the Whole duck foie gras :

A sweet white wine from Bordeaux (Sauternes and Barsac)

A sweet white wine from the South West of France (Montbazillac)
A sweet white wine from the Loire Valley (Vouvray)

Instructions for the red wine oignon confit :

Preparation time : 15min
Cooking time : 30 min

Peal the onions and cut them in half.
Lay the half onions flat on a chopping board and re-cut them lengthwise to obtain thin layers of about 2mm.
Heat the oil in a pan over medium heat until it simmers.
Add the thin onion slices and brown them for about 10 minutes over medium heat. Stir often so they do not stick to the pan. When the onions are soft, pour the red wine and the sugar over them.
Stir with a wooden spoon.
Cook until the red wine has been completely absorbed.
Take the preparation out of the pan and place it in an empty glass jar. Close it tightly and turn the jar over.
Once it has cooled down, your onion confit is ready.
An onion confit can be kept in the refrigerator for 2 weeks.